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Balcón, geranios y pilares de agua bendita


Granada has an extremely rich and delicious cuisine, besides its Moorish and Jewish influence i has a mixture of flavours taken from many different cultures. Especially form the products previously prohibited, but later brought in by newer inhabitants. Hence for example, the appearance of the dish broad beans with ham, which comes from the Trevélez area ( in the Alpujarras) and has a very smooth, delicate flavour.

Saint Anthony´s casserole a traditional recipe from the city and its province should also be mentioned. However, the dishes most representative of Granada are the breads (salaíllas) with beans, that are eaten as an aperitif on Saint Cecilio´s day or on the day of the Cross. There is also the famous Sacromonte omelette and the Granadino marinade of cod with orange. As well as these dishes, and depending upon the capacity of the guest, another interesting suggestion is to try poor man´s potatoes (papas a lo pobre) or a breadcrumb dish (migas), both can go well with other things, but  the recommnedation is to eat it with pork.

As far as cakes and desserts are concerned try a curd dessert (cuajada de carnaval), busn from the Alpujarra region Known as soplillos and Royal cake from Motril, or the large variety of sweets made in the convents such as Saint Anthony´s smoll eggs (huevos moles de San Antón), Zafra sponge (bizcochada), little fried pastries (pestiños de la Encarnación) or Saint Geronimo´s puff pastries. For those with a sweet tooth, all of these are enough to prove that meat is not everything. Granada´s most emblematic fruit is of course the pomegranate, a tree that is omnipresent in Carmens adn gardens eveywhere. Other fruits such as persimmon, hawthorn, medlar, quice, prickly pears, hackberries and row an three fruits fill the city markets during the festival for the patron saint. Along with these tradditional fruits, tropical fruits from the coast are also available, such as avocadoes, custard apples and kiwis.



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