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Comprar el Bono Turístico



  • Up to a 50% discount in relation to the included services**
  • Direct access to the monuments! No need to go to the ticket office!
  • Public transportation included, leave your car!
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The GRANADA CARD will allow you to discover the city while saving time and money. See more, pay less!


The GRANADA CARD includes the tickets for the main monuments in Granada and public transportation. You will also enjoy large discounts on other tourist services. There is also a Card for kids (GRANADA CARD INFANTIL) for children  between 3 and 11 y.o. including the same services as the adult cards.

There are two types of card: GRANADA CARD PLUS and GRANADA CARD BASIC, in advance or upon your arrival to the city. Both include the entry ticket for the Alhambra and Generalife, with no need to go to the ticket office, Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Monastery of la Cartuja, Monastery of San Jerónimo, Science Park Museum and Museum Memoria de Andalucía.

** Saving percentage in relation to the services and tickets if adquired individually, compared to the GRANADA CARD Plus.